Best way to hide alcohol or liquor Step by Step!

The Best Way To Hide Alcohol

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What is the best way to hide alcohol? Or how do you sneak alcohol onto a cruise ship?

Let’s Get Down To Business

Our reviews speak for themselves. These other methods used to hide your liquor or alcohol simply don’t work. Listerine or Shampoo bottles? If you put your alcohol into one of these you are going to have a bad mouthwash taste.

Do you like your alcohol or liquor tasting like mouthwash? It also draws attention when they x-ray it seeing a big shampoo and mouthwash bottles in your luggage.

Water Bottles? Seriously?!! The cruise lines are way smarter than that. Placing your alcohol in water bottles is outdated. Caribbean, Carnival and many other cruise lines look for broken seals when they see water bottles.

If you are thinking about leaving them in their original containers you are asking to get caught. By now they know what alcohol bottles look like on a x-ray. Our Rum Runners Flasks look great on x-rays and don’t look like the typical stuff you see people use to smuggle alcohol.

Not to mention they are built to last. Bottles can break and leave your clothes ruined and smelling like liquor. Cruises have beefed up their tactics over the years so step up with them! Don’t make the mistake of trying to use other methods that are obsolete….get your Booze Flasks now!

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There are various techniques of sneaking alcohol. Don’t be the one who smuggles alcohol the wrong way – check out our more in depth approach of the method we use, visit our step by step guide on how to sneak alcohol on a cruise.

When one smuggles alcohol, they usually do it the wrong way.

Ok so the first techniques to focus on will involve using your body. You can hide booze on your body through various ways. One of these is the beer belly. It entails wearing a sack around the belly, fastened by two straps for stability and comfort. This not really the best way to smuggle booze on a cruise ship. The beer belly can help you to conceal alcohol and literally pass through any detector if done correctly. It is suitable for hiding dark liquors and cream liqueurs. With the beer belly, you simply fill your favorite drink and you are all set. This method is preferred by some because it blends in with the body and does not raise any suspicion at inspection before boarding the ship.

Using A Wine Rack

Best way to hide liquor

Best way to hide alcohol

Can you take alcohol on a cruise? Yes, but it must be concealed! Which leads us to check out the wine rack. These silicon bags fit under a woman’s bra. All you need to do is fill up your sacks with your favorite drink and it is a done deal. They fit comfortably and do not raise suspicion. They look natural and nothing is out of place.

This technique is effective in response to how to sneak alcohol on a royal Caribbean cruise or any cruise line for that matter. It is convenient and once you make it into the ship, you are free to remove the sack and slowly enjoy your drink. When it comes to knowing how to sneak alcohol to a party, you need very discreet methods and this is not one.

Here is another one people consider the best way to hide alcohol, it’s through a wine spigot. It’s the ideal technique to sneak booze into virtually any occasion so they say. Can you imagine carrying about five liters of booze right on your hands? That is enough booze to go around for everyone. In case you go on a cruise, you have enough booze to last the whole cruise. This is a great method when learning how to save money on alcohol on a cruise.

Best Way to Hide Alcohol for Sporting Events

This method is also great for sporting events. It answers the question how to sneak alcohol into a sporting event? In most cases, sporting events prohibit alcohol or patrons bringing their own alcohol. Whatever the case, your handbag is the least suspicious thing. Other discreet ways include the walking stick flask. This one is a bit cumbersome, but it is better than noting or paying outrageous amounts for alcohol. You simply mix your vodka, rum, gin or whiskey with a soft drink and you are all set.

People going to the beach also want to enjoy their favorite drinks. However, many beaches do not allow consumption of alcohol. Therefore, how can you sneak booze to the beach? There are many techniques to enable this. One of the things to do is conceal your beer can into a soft drink can. How this works is by getting the can and cut it through the middle, make sure that the logo is visible.

Neatly fix your beer can and join with some adhesive. When you go to the beach, simply pack them in the case and you will easily pass security. You could also put the cans in the cooler and cover with ice. This is also one of the best ways to smuggle alcohol on a cruise, beach, concert, you name it. There is nothing more enjoyable than a cold beer during the summer, while enjoying the sun. You will easy pass through security and no eyebrows will be raised. This is the best way to hide alcohol.

Another great trick to use is a pair of binoculars. This is simply a flask in the shape of binoculars. The viewing lenses are caps, which enable you to pour your favorite drink. You can get away with this trick in so many places and they include cruise ships, sporting events and even parks. This brilliant method fits in with places that going with a pair of binoculars will not seem out of place. You are free to enjoy your drink discreetly and without any disturbance. This is how to sneak alcohol on the beach.

SaddleBags To Conceal your Alcohol

Saddlebags are also considered the best way to hide alcohol. Saddlebags are silicon bags that fit around the hip area by fastening clips. This makes them firm and gives the wearer superior and better comfort. Therefore, can you sneak alcohol on a cruise ship with this method? Certainly yes, simply fill up the sacks with your favorite drinks and strap them on. You easily pass through security without looking suspicious.

This has proven to be one of the best ways to sneak alcohol on a cruise. This is also great for all sorts of events, from cruises to sporting events. In sporting events, you can buy a beer and later on, empty the contents of the saddlebag. You are also in the process saving a lot of money on expensive alcohol sold at these events. You have the freedom to enjoy your drink with no pressure and have a great time. It is as good as sneaking alcohol on royal Caribbean. The alcohol prices are outrageous.


The best way to hide alcohol, simply depends on your budget and situation you are looking to sneak the booze. The consequences of being caught with alcohol are nothing to be afraid of, but still you don’t want to get caught. The most important thing is to have fun!

The important thing to think about is how do you sneak liquor on a cruise ship without being noticed…. It may seem a bit out of place going with binoculars to a nightclub. A fake phone is more appropriate for that kind of setting. Next time you want to sneak alcohol into festival, choose a method that best suits your needs and the occasion or setting. Cruise ships are stricter. You may ask the question can I sneak alcohol on a cruise ship? The answer is yes, just use the first method with the water bottles as that’s easy and effective if you are looking for ways to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship.

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