How to Reseal a Water Bottle Without Getting Caught!

How to Reseal a Water Bottle

The practice of hiding and sneaking alcohol is as common now as it has ever been. In some places, alcohol can be just too expensive to consume at an enjoyable level.

They don’t make it cheap for you to have a good time.

So the big questions about hiding alcohol is: what is the easiest way to hide alcohol?

I tried so many different ways, from fake coffee cups to shampoo bottles you name it I tried it, but my efforts failed each time. Evidently, everyone has used these outdated methods for years and security has caught on.

These outdated tactics simply don’t work anymore!

Then one day, when I walked into a Jay-Z concert with a bottle of water and…

I stumbled upon the easiest and most effective
method to conceal alcohol!

The security guard patted me down, as they do everyone, then he took a good look at the cap of my water bottle, which wasn’t opened yet, and ushered me on through the gates.

At that moment I realized how to sneak alcohol into a concert, sporting event or festival, each and every time!

Want to know how it’s done?

Let’s Get Down To Business

If you’re ready to hide your alcohol just about anywhere and succeed every time, follow these exact steps…

  1. First thing you need to do is grab as many water bottles as you need for your journey. I suggest using Dasani, Aquafina… really any water bottle with a white cap. We are going to use these bottles to hide your alcohol.
  2. Empty the water bottles needed
  3. Cut off or wiggle up the ring of the seal left behind when you opened the cap
  4. Now take another bottle and with a knife, cut the cap off right below the seal. This way you will still have the seal of the cap intact. We need that factory seal look to get around security
  5. Place the top of the bottle you just cut off into a pot of boiling water. This will make the harder white plastic expand and the lighter plastic of the bottle melt slightly. After a few minutes of boiling, take it out the top and tear away the excess plastic bottle, leaving just the cap with its intact seal.
  6. Let the top cool down, this will probably take around 2 hours.
  7. Once the caps have cooled, pour your favorite clear alcohol into the first water bottle you emptied and push the sealed cap onto the top of your new liquor… err, water bottle. – the cap should fit almost perfectly. Hopefully…


You are finally ready to bring your alcohol just about anywhere and have no problems with security checks… you are just caring in a sealed bottle of water… right?

What If You Could Take Out The Whole
Boiling And Melting Part?


The hardest part of this whole process is getting the cap to look like it is still sealed from the factory. If the seal isn’t broken, what’s the point of inspecting any further?

As long as you are allowed to bring your own bottle of water somewhere, you’ve got alcohol. That’s a great way to save while you enjoy yourself. But if you can’t get the cap to look right, you’re open to having your bottle opened for a sniff test.

Better believe it.

But what if you could get extra caps with the factory seals intact, without having to boil them off of anything? Then you could take care of all of this in a hurry, if you had to… like when you’re at a port-of-call… couldn’t you?


“Booze Caps” are exactly what you’re looking for!

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