How to Sneak Alcohol On a Carnival Cruise Easily!

How To Sneak Alcohol On a Carnival Cruise Ship 2015

Are you getting ready to take a Carnival cruise are looking for ways on how to sneak alcohol on a Carnival Cruise? Well, you are like me, I didn’t want to the extra $200 – $800 tab for alcohol when I had already paid so much for the cruise itself. I knew that there had have been a way to enjoy your cruise, drink, and still not break the bank.  So I came up with a fail-proof method to sneaking alcohol on a Carnival Cruise!….The product is called the Booze Cruise Flask Kit!

Let me explain….

You see recently, Carnival cruise made headlines by changing its policy to ban all forms of water bottles unless they are bought from them. This was done because so many people were using water bottles to sneak in alcohol. Many may not know this, but cruise lines make most of their profit from alcohol, so it makes sense for them to protect their interests. Now that they have caught on, many people like yourselves are trying to find another way.

I have been doing this for nearly ten years now and no one has ever been caught! Here below a video of one of our customers using our kit to sneak drinks on a Carnival Cruise. Also, beneath the video is the easy 5 step by step process to sneaking booze and alcohol on a Carnival cruise.

Quick Down & Dirty:

  1. Decide what alcohol or liquor you want to bring
  2. Click on the link below or at the end of this article to pick up the Booze Cruise Flask Kit, it does cost a little, but it is in no way compared to what you will spend buying alcohol on the cruise if you don’t!
  3. Use the funnel that comes with the kit and pour your drinks into the flasks
  4. Place the flasks in your luggage (I’ll explain why below)
  5. Voila! This is how to sneak alcohol on a Carnival cruise!!

Here is what you really need to pay attention to:

After you’ve received your flasks and filled them up with the alcohol or liquor you want, place them into your luggage that will go through X-ray. Do NOT put these in your carry-on, because they always open your carry-on and pull out all of the contents. Simply put these flasks into your luggage between your clothing and in your shoes. These flasks are made to be undetectable and odorless — they aren’t picked up by the X-ray. Our kits are guaranteed to work or your money back no questions asked!

If you want to sneak alcohol on a Carnival cruise all you have to do is go here!


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