How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise Very Easily!

Never Buy Alcohol On a Cruise Ship!

Want to know how to sneak alcohol on a cruise? Are you trying to save some money and still have fun? Well you are not alone at all. You see that was me! I wanted to know how to sneak booze on a cruise ship without any risk of getting caught; I needed something that worked every time!

Well it is no secret, we all know that cruise lines make their money on drinks. A bottle of anything whether it is vodka, tequila, or scotch is far too expensive. You will be lucky to not leave your next cruise broke.

After having my own complaints and hearing others, I wanted to do whatever I could to help find a way so that you too could continue to have fun and not break the bank.

So after going through a lot of the crap that Google suggested, but never worked….I found what works flawlessly;
Booze Cruise Rum Rummers Flasks
. These flasks cost a small fee, but it’s nothing compared to what you would spend when having to buy alcohol on a cruise. Trust me, they are worth it and are the absolute easiest way to hide alcohol on a cruise!

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How To Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise Step by Step

    1. First you need to choose the alcohol or liquor that you are going to use.
    2. Now you need the flasks as they are the ONLY things that will get your alcohol past x-ray.
    3. All you have to do now is fill them up with your favorite alcohol or liquor and that is it.
    4. Place them in the refrigerator or in the cabinet until you are ready to go on your cruise!

If you need the kit go here to get the flasks!

Alcohol detection – don’t sneak it in the wrong way

Now let’s fast forward to the night before you get on the cruise. Once you have filled-up all of the flasks, place them in your luggage in-between your clothes or at the bottom of your bag. Do NOT put these flasks in your carry on. Only put them in the luggage that they’ll take from you to get x-rayed. The reason why you can’t put them in your carry on is simple because cruise lines are getting smarter.

They know which ways people try to smuggle in alcohol on cruise ships. So it’s pretty common for them to do an open check of carry-on bags to see if anyone is bringing in alcohol.

But don’t worry, the most they can do if you are dumb enough to bring the alcohol in with your carry-on, is to just confiscate it. I have been helping people smuggle alcohol for over 10 years and no one has ever been kicked off.

(These flasks are undetectable and are the best way to hide alcohol)


You are almost done, now just remember to NEVER place your flasks in your carry on, all of your flasks go in your luggage bag for the x-ray – you are alcohol-free when you meet the boarding staff.

When your luggage goes through the x-ray you can be sure that it will pass with no problems whatsoever I promise you or YOUR MONEY BACK! Now after it scans just go pick up your bag and there you have it, fun for the whole entire trip at just a fraction of the cost! That is how to sneak drinks on a cruise, my friends.

Want to sneak alcohol on a cruise? Go here to get the flasks!


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 21 reviews
by Mark Mabson on Flasks

We just got back from our cruise. This product worked well. We had an Ultimate kit that we packed in-between our clothes and we got everything through with no problems. I don't know how much we saved by having these but it was at least $300 because we tend to have fun.

by Jack Novak on Flasks
They Really Work - 100% Worth Every Penny

The plan is simple, don't overfill them, squeeze out any air as you screw the cap back on it, spread them out in your luggage, It'll work every time.Easy exercise - Buy the Ultimate Cruise Kit, you'll thank me later. Fill the bags so they are not engorged ticks, twist the cap partially on, then slowly squeeze upright bag so air is escaping the loose lid. One hand on the cap, twist it tight as booze starts to leak from it..Viola, air free bag. Pack them in various areas of your bags. I put them in between my pant legs, shirts, and shoes.Pro tip - Your luggage is most likely going to be on its widest back or face going through the scanners... put the flasks in your luggage so that when the bag is on its face or back the smallest profile possible of the flask is exposed. Enjoy!!!

by Melissa Moreno on Flasks
Sneaking Alcohol on a Disney & Carnival Cruise

Just went sneaked alcohol on a Carnival cruise (also a Disney) and had 3 filled flasks of vodka. We were super nervous but they scanned right through. We drank it all so when we went to port we bought more alcohol to bring back on ship. My husband was able to put it under his shirt and walk right back on!

December Success 2018

So, this is going to be another success story. I put two of these pouches in each of our "checked" luggage (4 total). We were really nervous when our bags were delivered to our room. We hurried up and opened then and found our Flasks exactly as we packed them. I used the pouch in the pant leg approach (in the luggage). Trust me you will want these if you don't want to pay the outrageous prices for liquor on the ships!

by Ashley Sweet on Flasks
How to Sneak Alcohol on a Carnival Cruise 2019!

I was very skeptical at first about buying these but I didn't want to spend a fortune on drinks on the ship nor buy the expensive drink package. So I tried it...I put all of the bags in my suitcase under my toiletries and it worked!! I still bought a few drinks and added my own liquor to it because their drinks are watered down.

by Sam Thomas on Flasks

10 Frickin Stars!!!! Saved me lots of cash! I filled EVERY BAG and put them in between clothing in the middle and bottom of my luggage that I checked in and kept one in my carry on and they all passed with ease threw security on Carnival Leaving outta NY

by Josh Bosch on Flasks

I was skeptical because I bought top shelf liquor and I knew it would be a gamble if I would get caught or not. I snuck all the alcohol in my cousin's luggage as well as mine and it all made it to the room safely, no leakage! I placed the flask near toiletry items in one luggage and in the other luggage, I placed the flask around clothes with no liquid items. Nothing got confiscated! This was the Mobile, Alabama port by the way; however, I have friends that have done the New Orleans, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Miami ports with the same luck! Plus, we filled our flasks with liquor in some and mixers/chasers in the others. Also, used some for water so we wouldn't have to buy water once we got off the boat.

by Meghan Laymeyer on Flasks
These flasks are amazing!

I ordered this product to sneak alcohol on a Royal Caribbean cruise I took. I followed the directions to the letter and didn’t have any issues getting these in the boat. My husband carried one on under his clothes and we hid the others throughout our luggage in jeans. When our bags arrived we recovered every bag we hid without any leakage. The hardest part is cleaning them, trying to get them to dry and getting all of the air out.

These are great!

The flasks are great, and they work perfectly for cruises outdoor concerts, sporting events, etc. I've used them more times than I can count. Thanks for such an awesome product!

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got our luggage and it WORKS! I sure was skeptical because it took a little while for us to get our luggage but hey ... time to enjoy our cruise thanks so much.

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