How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise Very Easily!

Never Buy Alcohol On a Cruise Ship!

Want to know how to sneak alcohol on a cruise? Are you trying to save some money and still have fun? Well you are not alone at all. You see I was once that guy! I wanted to know how to sneak booze on a cruise ship without any risk of getting caught; I needed something that worked every time!

Well it is no secret, we all know that cruise lines make their money on drinks. A bottle of anything whether it is vodka, tequila, or scotch is far too expensive. You will be lucky to not leave your next cruise broke.

After having my own complaints and hearing others, I wanted to do whatever I could to help find a way so that you too could continue to have fun and not break the bank.

So after going through a lot of the crap that Google suggested, but never worked….I found a what works flawlessly; BoozeCruise Rum Rummers Flasks. These flasks cost a small fee, but it’s nothing compared to what you would spend when having to buy alcohol on a cruise. Trust me, they are worth it and are simply the easiest way to hide alcohol on a cruise!

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The Quick Down and Dirty

  1. First you need to choose the alcohol or liquor that you are going to use
  2. Now you need the flasks, as they are the ONLY things that will get your alcohol past x-ray. Check out the link below to grab a kit, because that’s all you will need.
  3. Once you have those, all you have to do now is fill them up with your favorite alcohol or liquor and that is it. Place them in the refrigerator or in the cabinet until you are ready to go on your cruise!
Need the kit? Get the flasks here!

Alcohol detection – don’t sneak it in the wrong way

Now let’s fast forward to the night before you get on the cruise. Once you have filled-up all of the flasks, place them in your luggage in-between your clothes or at the bottom of your bag. Do NOT put these flasks in your carry on. Only put them in the luggage that they’ll take from you to get X-rayed. The reason why you can’t put them in your carry on is simple, because cruise lines are getting smarter.

They know which ways people try to smuggle in alcohol on cruise ships. So it’s pretty common for them to do an open check of carry-on bags to see if anyone is bringing in alcohol.

But don’t worry, the most they can do if you are dumb enough to bring the alcohol in with your carry-on, is to just confiscate it. I have been smuggling alcohol for over 10 years and no one has ever been kicked off.

(These flasks are undetectable and are the best way to hide alcohol)


You are almost done, now just remember to NEVER place your flasks in your carry on, all of your flasks go in your luggage bag for x-ray – you are alcohol free when you meet the boarding staff.

When your luggage goes through the x-ray you can be sure that it will pass with no problems whatsoever I promise you. Now after it scans just go pick up your bag and there you have it, fun for the whole entire trip at just a fraction of the cost! That is how to sneak alcohol on a cruise my friends.

Want to sneak alcohol on a cruise? Go Here to Get the Flasks!


6 replies on “How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise Very Easily!

  • Tarheelman444

    Worked absolutely perfect! Over 4 Liters of alcohol (1 bottle in each of the bigger bags) put in luggage and delivered to my cruise ship room undetected. When the cruise ship charges around $15 per drink…this purchase saved me over $1000.00!!!!

  • Tiffany Lynn Rogers

    They hold a lot, never leak, will take a lot of pressure and. We had been using someone else’s on our cruises, but purchased flasks from here for the last 8 cruises and we haven’t been detected yet.

  • Jenny Rose

    We just came back from a Caribbean Cruise (Dec. 2015) and it worked PERFECT for our Jack Daniels. You don’t have to use clear alcohol. I wrapped heavier clothing around it and NO problems at all. Everything was safe and snug when we opened our luggage. I am a believer now! We even kept our flasks in the fridge in our stateroom on the cruise ship – no one said a word. Be sure to watch the video — that helped me a lot.

  • Vanessa Hopkins

    I just came back from our Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas and OMG these things really do work! I’ll admit I was a bit nervous with them in my luggage, but they went through the scanner with no problems. I literally had the best time of my life thanks to you guys! Keep it up, the product is well made and very under priced considering how much you save by not having to buy drinks on the cruise. Anyway, I’ll be back next year!!


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